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Maritime Institute in Gdansk (Poland)

Project Partner 11 in the BalticRIM Project

Original name

Instytut Morski w Gdańsku


Maritime Institute in Gdańsk (MIG) is a research and development unit in Poland, supervised by Ministry of Maritime Economy. For over fifty years the Institute has been closely associated with maritime economy. The Institute conducts research work, scientific and implementation projects, studies and assessments. The Institute offers consultations and services in the field of:

  • Transport economy, maritime low and economics,
  • Modernization and management of sea ports
  • Maritime hydrotechnics,
  • Operational oceanography,
  • Monitoring and threats prevention of the Southern Baltic,
  • Water economy and maritime engineering,
  • Shaping and conservation of the nature,
  • Marine ecology,
  • Management of the coastal areas,
  • Establishing databases and monitoring of continuous phenomena,
  • New technologies and electronic economy