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Wreck Protect was funded by the European Commission's Seventh Framework Program to provide efficient tools for prediction of potential decay areas in the Baltic and to deliver guidelines for protection of shipwreck. The project ran from April 2009 to April 2011.

It is most likely that the ongoing climatic changes will promote the future spread of Teredo spp into larger areas of the Baltic. A strategy to handle this alarming scenario, is to provide the museums and conservators responsible for the long term preservation of the underwater cultural heritage with tools for assessing and, potentially, predicting the threat of the spread of marine borers. Furthermore, to find reliable and robust methods for their protection in situ, before the threat of degradation is established. The main objective of WreckProtect is to secure the preservation of two important objects of cultural heritage in marine environments: 1. Shipwreck 2. Submerged archaeological settlements.